Monday, 18 February 2013

Freedom: Canada is rising and the US is going down

"Freedom has eroded in the United States, long the global freedom champion. Personal and economic freedom in Canada, the “good government and stability” nation, now exceed that in the United States. How did this happen? What are the consequences, particularly when economic freedom has been shown to propel growth and prosperity?"

This is the advance billing for Fred McMahon's talk at the Fraser Institute February 26th.  At the link, you can register for free to hear it on line.
I'm not confident we're securely on freedom's side but I'm proud of Canada's trend for now.

Here's the link to the current freedom standings.
And from an earlier post:

"If you care about improving peoples' lives, then you ... care about economic freedom.
You will care about secure property rights, impartial rule of law, freedom to trade, a currency that keeps its value and government that stays small relative to the size of your economy."
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Imagine, the True North Strong and Free in our own lifetime.

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