Saturday, 16 February 2013

Literacy: Canada's West Does Best

This map of Canada shows where people live and how well they use words to solve health problems.  There's a "red" fringe along the northern edge of settlement  and the north shore of the St Lawrence.  There's  a strong "green" trend in the heart of the prairies, the Kootenays and many parts of BC.

The chart is published by the Canadian Council on Learning in the 2007 Canada-wide survey of Health Literacy.  The definition on page 3 shows Health Literacy is what you want to have.
"Health literacy generally refers to the ability of individuals to access and use health information to make appropriate health decisions and maintain basic health.... It includes whether individuals can read and act upon written health information, as well as whether they possess the speaking skills to communicate their health needs to physicians and the listening skills to understand and act on the instructions they receive".

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