Saturday, 9 February 2013

New holiday tax in BC: Clark grabs from a small group of voters and gives to a large group of voters.

I have some good news and some bad news.  First the good news:   Everyone in BC gets a new holiday called Family Day on the third Monday of February.   And the bad news: Small business owners get to pay for it.

Cute version of Family Day
Over a year ago I quit retirement to save my roof truss business and its jobs, sleeping in the back of the shop hundreds of miles from my wife every week, working most evenings till ten. Then comes along this barf, a new holiday that means nothing except a paid day off.  It's been a tough year and the only way to pay the guys a bonus day is to borrow the cash or take it from savings.   The guys think Family Day is a pretty cool idea.

It's a transfer of wealth from a small number of voters to a large number of voters.
It also reduces the provincial GDP by a third of a percent.  (1 out of 271 days)
Christy Clark is doomed in the next election, so why did she bother?

There's a little history here: (Wikipedia).  A private member's bill was defeated in 1994, efforts to bring in this little holiday funded by OPM (other people's money) in the years 2004-7 were opposed wisely by the Chamber of Commerce, and then this personal initiative by Christy Clark prevailed.

(Personal note: The good news for me is that the effort is paying off with a revived company, more market share, leaner practices and a fine new partner.

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