Tuesday, 12 February 2013

SOTU pulse tracker shows three ways Obama is out of touch.

Feb 12 2013
This is a first ever view of the BING Pulse Tracker that followed Obama's SOTU.  American viewers showed he left them cold from start to finish without a positive moment.  But here's what's interesting:  There's no male-female dynamic. Men and women were repelled, rallied, and repelled again in perfect harmony.  That's the first out-of- touch proof.  The second is you cannot tell the difference between Independent and Republican. They react in perfect harmony.   The third is subtler.  Democrats agree with every dipsy-doodle of response the other parties show but muffled, as if trying to be polite while a family member embarrasses himself in public.  How could he blow it?  How could he keep the meter below zero the whole time?

And what a meter!  Bing's Pulse Tracker allows tv viewers to register their opinion as often as every five seconds.  (This frequency would be silly if what citizens care about was being listened to the rest of the year.)

Source: http://www.pagunblog.com/2013/02/12/bing-measures-the-sotu-gun-control-debate/
h/t Instpundit.

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