Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Few Americans use prostitutes. Kinsey spin discounted.

From livescience.com

When the Kinsey report on male sexual behavior was published in 1948, it revealed among its then-scandalous findings that up to 69 percent of American men had paid for sex at some point in their lives.
(From a new large-sample study): About 14 percent of American men said they paid for sex at some point in their lives, but just 1 percent said they visited a prostitute in the past year (2010), according to the study, which is, in part, based on data collected as part of the General Social Survey by researchers at the National Opinion Research Center.
"While it is noteworthy to recognize that the 1 percent of adult men who paid for sex in 2010 still result in a large number of customers, there is no credible evidence to support the idea that hiring sex workers is a common or conventional aspect of masculine sexual behavior among men in the United States," study researcher Christine Milrod, of the University of Portland, said in a statement.

Added:  Kinsey's studies used prison populations (25%), male prostitutes (4%) and included filming sex in his own home.  Kinsey was "polyamorous and bisexual".   Don't discount his findings but don't believe the spin.

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