Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BC: Turn the light on the Right back on.

If you don`t want left and centre-left politicians in BC, you are nearly out of luck this time round. The BC Conservatives left 40% of BC`s riding with no candidate at all and they have no party competing for that voice. BC Blue has reported on their squabbles.  Some of that unused energy has relocated to "Independent".

I spend time in two ridings:  Saanich North & The Islands has no candidate to the right of the Liberals.  Boundary Similkameen has one but he is a write-in candidate. See the picture.  He writes himself in as an Indpendent over top of the Conservative sign he made up first! (You will like his cattle-butting video clip).

In the list below you see gaps under "BC Conservative" but quite a few listed as "Others". There's a huge opportunity but not this election.  Hold your breath and mark your ballot.

What would I like to see? "If you care about freedom.."

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