Wednesday, 29 May 2013

GM Mosquitoes that don't smell people.

If she doesn't smell you, she doesn't bite you! Imagine female mosquitoes that don't need swatting or spraying because they don't notice you are there.  Their other prey still smells tasty but humans disappear from the mosquito radar. The DNA engineering has been done at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

How would this spread?  In the Okanagan Valley, a related experiment worked to save apples from the Codling Moth.  A lot of sterile codling moths were released, year after year, into infected orchards and gradually the reproductive success of moths looking for hot Lepidopterans fell to manageable levels.

Will the No-GM-Anti-Monsanto crowd get behind this zero pesticide solution? Tens of thousands of malaria deaths might end and you and I can have our comfort in the Canadian Bush without rubbing and spraying chemicals about.

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