Sunday, 12 May 2013

NDP deserves to win in BC for remembering the Internet exists.

On all signs the NDP has internet contact and the Liberal has not.
I drive through a dozen BC electoral districts in the south-west each week and see the road sign war is a saw-off between Liberals and the NDP with two independents looking strong. (Vicki Huntington and John Van Dongen).  But look at the signs.  No Liberal signs have an internet link.  I parked the car and walked over to be sure a link wasn't hidden in the small print.  A recent PEW poll finds 39% get their news on-line.  How can a serious contender skip that?  I browse a lot of pages daily and often find one or two NDP on-line ads on a site but have yet to see a single one for the Libs.  What gives?

The other half of the political spectrum is pretty near empty. Near Langley on Zero Avenue I found a small sign for John Cummins, half the size of those above.  Other Langley candidates had a number of roadside ads in the same stretch.

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