Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Power, money and lies in Washington will be tested by this tumult of emergent crises. What leaders will appear?

Richard Fernandez identifies ”Emergent events”:    The whole shebang is going critical, like a reactor running out of control.  ..   The next few weeks will feature an increasing spate of these things. Like a building in the process of collapse, first one beam goes, then two, then three, and before you know it the whole tower is gone.
If the Republicans come in on this — which they must — it will be as a way to avoid the scandal of saying nothing. And that suggests that trouble engulfing Capitol City will affect not just a party, but will go to the heart of business as usual. The insiders are discovering that something’s not quite right any more; something has backed up in the plumbing. Things are not going away like they should. Not for the administration. Maybe not for anybody.
A man for his time.
These headlines .. about pressure cookers, local crime in Philadelphia, a sideshow in Libya ... are proxy words.  The real subject is power, money, and lies, and they way these work together by the Potomac.
Different leaders will be coming forward when values realign.  Churchill is an example.  Oxygen is available for strong men and women whose voices were previously dismissed.

Rejected by the White House
Honoured by others.

The internet is rewiring everything. The costs of getting a public hearing are becoming vanishingly small. The costs of keeping secrets away from the governed are climbing rapidly. A dozen years have hardly scratched the surface of the change that is coming.  Who knows what shape it will take? This I know, what worked before will adapt or disappear.

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