Monday, 24 June 2013

"Putin Cleaning Obama's Clock" is bad news for Canada. China owns the clock Putin is cleaning.

Canadians who grumble about sleeping next to an elephant, the USofA, have enjoyed safety in the shadow of the richest, best-armed and most feared bully on the block.  Don't count on it much longer.  Our position is exposed thanks to a feckless Obama presidency.

From Commentary Magazine:
"An irresolute amateur like Barack Obama was the best thing that the brutal but determined Putin could have hoped for.  He’s cleaning Obama’s clock". 
Russia is the little guy. China is the big guy in the school yard. China also didn't hand over Snowden and, like Russia, kept copies of the laptop information despite polite petitioning from the US. How big is China getting?  Read this from the Telegraph.
China became number one as steel consumer (1999), biggest exporter on earth (2007), biggest user of the Internet (2008), world's greatest manufacturer (2010), world's largest car market (2010), biggest market for PC's (2010). The Chinese are now the world's most important tourists, overtaking Germans and Americans in spending power. His conclusion:  The American Century ended a long time ago.
Have you been following China's expansion into ownership of the entire China Sea and its push into borderlands with India? A Chinese firm is building a new canal parallel to the Panama Canal running through Nicaragua.   China is the new elephant.

Added: Krauthammer referring to Beijing: "Nobody worries or cares about what Obama says because it carries no weight".

According to recent studies learning to speak Mandarin and Vietnamese
as a child helps make you more musical
       I'm thinking of learning Mandarin and getting with the program.

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