Monday, 22 July 2013

Crime is down everywhere and your explanation is too simple: The Economist

Any one up for a little mischief?

Crime stats are down or different all over.  The Economist challenges knee-jerk analysts with a complex picture.  Read this to be intelligent.

Any one up for a little mischief?
Fewer babies means there are fewer high risk offenders in the 18-24 age group and their impulses are diluted by the growing seniors crowd.    There are fewer things in the typical house that will fetch a good price from a fence thanks to smartphone tech. More offenders have been put in prison but stats fell where fewer were jailed too.  Cars are harder to steal. DNA and cheap alarms with video make it hard to get away with crimes.  Car theft has plummeted to a tenth of what it was in the US. Bank robberies in the UK fell almost tenfold. Police technique has improved to focus on high risk neighbourhoods.  It's easier to let your fingers do the walking defrauding people from your home computer.   Young people that were hanging out are playing computer games and watching porn instead.  You don't see many kids playing outside and their parents are driving them everywhere.  Some of the drug crazes have passed and many current users pay for drugs from their pay instead of by stealing.

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