Monday, 29 July 2013

Crops make their own fertilizer if seeds are sprayed with good bacteria.

Expect to see N-Fix treated seeds within 3 years.
This is a gamechanger - more crops for far less money and energy.  It's green (no pollution).  No GM manipulation is involved.  Reported at

Nitrogen is free everywhere in the air but only the pea family seemed to harvest it for fertilizer. Most successful  crops depended on people spreading tons of fertilizer.  The legume secret is root nodules with colonies of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.  The ground-breaking news is that a nitrogen-fixing bacterium found in sugar cane is happy to colonize all the major crop plants. Just spray some bacteria on the seeds.  The plants grow up making their own nitrogen fertilizer.

Professor Ted Cocking
Professor Cocking of the University of Nottingham calls the product "N-FIX".
Peter Blezard of Azotic Technologies says, "It has enormous potential to feed more people in many of the poorer parts oft he world, while at the same time, dramatically reducing the amount of synthetic nitrogen produced in the world."

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