Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dash cam compilation needed for crashes of civil society in the States

We've seen the Russian cam compilations of crazy driving and crash scenes.  Their citizens learned the hard way to be vigilant observors.  The same is needed in the States as civil society and the rule of law go crashing daily in the headlines.  Blogging Tories had eight back-to-back stories yesterday on the Trayvon-Zimmerman train wreck.

 The Zimmerman tale includes DOJ interference, a police chief fired for using common sense, a whistleblower fired for obeying the law about releasing evidence, a judge who suppressed evidence and changes charges midstream to help her side win.   A mixed race hispanic/white/black man who votes democrat called "a cracker" and a possible gay predator by a young black girl who can't read a letter she claims to have handwritten.  The only explanations making sense to me: Democrats needed to get out the vote for November 2012.  The black community knows it is in big trouble and isn't ready to deal with it.  Low information voters are the norm everywhere at all times.

When I see a reference to Benghazi, or the IRS, or Fast and Furious, or the Department of Justice, or the EPA or the NRLB or the White House executive staff, or California anything, I grimace and wonder if I have the energy to keep reading forward another day.  Remember the wards in Philadelphia with 100% democrat only votes last November?  Can you read about their president Obama musing how to do end runs past congress and the senate without losing your appetite for all things American?  I can't.  Remember support for the Honduran dictator?  Remember the no show for Thatcher's funeral and the crowd sent for Chavez?

You don't have to love America to appreciate the Pax Americana is keeping us safe.  The re-set button has been hit and we don't yet know what is slouching towards us.  I keep hoping China will prosper and mellow because the Pax Sinica is next in line when the US falters.  It won't be a jolly old multilateral sing-a-long.

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