Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I would pay for Status. Why aren't Native Nations selling tax-exempt citizenship?

Don't fight the sovereign Native Nation movement --- Buy into it.  One can become a Swiss citizen with a customized tax treaty.  Why aren't the Indians trying to sell citizenship too? If they are sovereign, they are sovereign. Class A rights would include lifetime exemption from income tax.  Class B would be the simple GST exemption. An accountant can quickly calculate the present value of a future stream of tax payments and suggest the right price.  Poverty on the reserve doesn't have to happen.  (If you don't like this idea, try the Fraser Institute's plea for property rights on the reserve as the cheapest, simplest way to increase wealth and reduce poverty).

Here's Harper being made an honorary Indian.
Why not be made the real thing?
Maybe I'll look for an eagle feather, change my name to "He who goes laughing" and email an offer to Canadian bands..

I much prefer the simpler idea of chucking the Indian Act and all of us sharing one equal status. Become full normal citizens of one of the wealthiest and most attractive lands the world has ever seen.

Footnote:Switzerland: "For 150 years, Switzerland has also offered tax breaks for foreign millionaires to boost tourism, making them exempt from an income tax and allowing them to pay a flat fee."
Perhaps you'd rather buy  Caribbean Citizenship

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