Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Jail-Breakin' Jihadis Rebuild Al Qaeda and Co.

Benghazi break out.
Quick and cheap jail attacks sprang almost two thousand terrorists in one week - Iraq, Libya, and now Pakistan.

July 27  "Mass jailbreak from Libyan prison frees 1200"  BBC
July 28   (Reuters: "Mass Jail Break in Pakistan" frees 250.)
Pakistan jail after the guests left.

"In an operation carried out with military-like precision, Taliban fighters disguised as police and armed with bombs broke 250 prisoners out of a Pakistan jail on Tuesday with the help of what appeared to be insider informants".   (Details added:  100 armed men, 7 suicide bombers, machine guns were involved. In another report:  "Police officers and constables had hidden in sewer lines".
Attackers approach Abu Ghraib

July 26:  Mass jailbreak from Iraq's Abu Ghraib:  This one involved suicide bomber cars, gunmen, mortars.
Iraqi officials say that some 400 al-Qaeda fighters are still at large over this week’s high-profile jailbreak from Abu Ghraib. Though some may stay in Iraq, analysts say the smart money is on most of them going to Syria to join the rebellion there.

April 27:   500 escape in Afghanistan using keys, cell phones, masterminded by Taliban commanders.
June 8:      Dozen escape using explosives in Afghanistan.
If you were the bad guys, you'd do the same.  Your enemy has wasted millions of treasure to round up the prisoners and you get them almost all back for a couple hours work and some thinking time.

The good news:
Some were just hard core criminals escaping with the crowd.

Added: I feel angry towards Barack Obama for making sure that gains in governance and influence in Iraq and the middle east are being dismantled while Iraq cosies up to Iran.  A great treasure in lives and wealth was flushed away.  Arabs will suffer more for it than Americans in the coming years.  Ditto for his support for Sunni Arab movements (read "Muslim Brotherhood") in Egypt and elsewhere.

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