Sunday, 4 August 2013

Al Qaeda Victory: US lowers flag in the Muslim world.

The US is becoming the laughing stock of the world, announcing 21 embassy shutdowns because of Al Qaeda internet chatter about attacks.  Of course they should take protective measures but why did Obama put this scaredy-cat message out in public?

This is the best bang-for-your-buck terrorism I have ever seen.

The terrorists (including those recently sprung from jail) can head home, Mission Accomplished.Daniel Pipes has put the idea forward already.
"I find this pre-emptive cringing unworthy of a great country, even humiliating. Why do we allow a bunch of extremist thugs to close us down, rather than the reverse?"  (hat tip to Smallldeadanimals for the link)

Link to Al Masry, the belly dancer's mocking song and lyrics about Obama's unwanted interference in Egypt, favouring the Sunnis and the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Canada grumbles about being next door to the elephant.  The US is losing the will to protect our hemisphere.  Think about it.

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