Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Backyard geniuses make float plane tugs.

These crazy contraptions deserve a handle like "Hallelujah jacks" but make do with bland names like "Float Plane Mover" or "Tug". You'll do a double take seeing chopped cars floating on their front wheels, steering a hydraulic jack-cum-cart from behind.  They should have a shine and show with everything from Hillbilly Traditional to Detroit drag.  It's all do it yourself!  There's no factory to order from.

Pictures from the Pat Bay Float Plane base near Victoria BC.
Hard at work.

A second

This gem has a COPA sticker
on the window.

A fourth.

There's not much on line but here's an open top one:

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  1. Holey Crap in a Motorboat! I've never seen ANYTHING like these Float-plane Tugs.