Saturday, 3 August 2013

Canadians eating horsefood, not kiwifruit says New Zealand visitor.

Our friends were appalled at the kiwifruit sold here in BC - small or unshapely.   They were further shocked to see these same kiwis were bagged with the Zespri label which is the sole exporter for New Zealand.  The fruit looks pretty good to me.  Both assured me  horse food was a best case scenario.
For sale in Sidney BC

There's quite a bit of anger in Kiwi Land that others were allowed to take New Zealand stock and start growing it in places like British Columbia without the same grading rules.
Update:  Apparently root stock was first exported to Italy and Israel with the idea this would promote kiwifruit but in the off-season when it wouldn't compete with NZ fruit.

Kiwi orchard on Saanich Peninsula,
Vancouver Island.  Not yet ripe August 2nd 

This may be like Chianti. The best grade is rarely exported from Italy.

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