Thursday, 8 August 2013

China has magnificent balls: Planning not one but two highways to Taiwan

Bridge or tunnel, they are part of the National Highway Network Plan (2013-2030)  recently approved by the State Council, China's cabinet.  Remember when America was great and forged a network of highways in the fifties?  Now it's China stepping up to the plate.  Does this mean in twenty years we will be asking for a defence treaty with China?

Taiwan hasn't negotiated an agreement but it would be advantageous for trade and tourism. China will see this helping their wayward province return to the Motherland.  China has to weather some financial corrections first but 2030 may be do-able.

Link to China Daily News.
Putting out the buzz may be more important than planning the project for now.
Undersea topography.  The Taiwan Shoal is "an undersea desert"
of shallow sand.

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