Monday, 26 August 2013

Na-nanna-na-nah: Obama readies a 'syria's' demo to show taunters what kind of man he is.

One of the low points of my adult life is watching President Obama preparing some hurt for Syria with no principle or profit in view.  The catcalls of "failed presidency" have wounded his pride. Others will benefit from an intemperate foreign adventure while his embarrassments at home won't go away.

Assad may well be deposed.  Al Qaeda/the Muslim Brotherhood are best placed to seize power.   (See link: The two work together and Al Qaeda's head, Zawahiri, is from the Egyptian MB.) Lately Obama has been despised in Egypt for siding with the Muslim Brotherhood, preferring Morsi over Mubarrak, the popular uprising and the army.  It will be deja vu all over again for Egypt when the most aggressive rebels prevail in Syria.   Russia will have uncomfortable realignments.  Iran will lose its power base for channeling mischief into the middle East.  The Saudis will have a little less of Iran in their backyard but a little more of Al Qaeda. Hezbollah may lose the upper hand in the Lebanese parliament.  Israel will have a less settled border with Syria but hopes for improved relations with Lebanon. America will gain nothing.  Nada.

In my dreams,
John Bolton is appointed Secretary of State. Barry/Barack Soetero/Obama goes on an exciting 39 month golf tour.

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