Friday, 30 August 2013

Obama's Red Line in Syria brings out three surprises.

Surprise One:  The last time the Brits voted to oppose their PM's plan for war  was 1782 when Parliament called it quits on the rebel American colony. Thank you Obama for losing a great ally.
1782 from the original

Surprise Two:  A Cross-the-red-line attack on Syria helpfully defines good killing and bad killing so tyrants can get on with it.  Gas is out.  Bullets, bombs and bulldozers still in.

Surprise Three: Anyone can safely scoff at the United States.  President Assad's eleven year old son has apparently posted a "bring it on" challenge on Facebook.  "America doesn't have soldiers, what it has is some cowards with new technology".  (If he didn't write it personally, what's the difference?)

11 year old's post on Facebook?
Number four isn't surprising: The Democrats are largely hypocrites, blinded whenever one of their own tribe is wearing the big hat in Washington.     The anti-war movement is a little short on supplies and volunteers and would otherwise definitely have a lot to say. (Medea of Code Pink).   POTUS does exactly the opposite of what he used to say is right.
       Counter point:  Republicans make good hypocrites and so do I sometimes. This isn't news.

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