Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Orca super pod up close in Active Pass near Vancouver

All three local Orca pods merged to a super pod chasing food between Pender and Galiano Islands on the Vancouver-Victoria ferry route.   I was there.  It was Sunday August 25th and Canada is a great place to call home. The stunning video trumps what I saw, filmed by Janusz Kowalski within a few metres of the beautiful creatures in Active Pass.  At the time, I knew there were over twenty whales but credible reports put the number closer to sixty. Unmistakably, they were having fun, not just dinner.

Global news has a write up..
If you are surprised by the steady hand holding the camera, try an upload to YouTube where every wobbly video is offered the chance to be re-processed to take out the shake.  It's effective and looks like magic.

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