Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sex check for public speaking

If you have spinach on your teeth, half the audience will go deaf until you remove it.  A scientific survey of my wife and daughter confirms this fact.

Why is that?
The idiot explanation is that women are shallow and overemphasize appearance.   The genius explanation is that more women expect to see your whole life reflect outwardly what you claim inwardly.  The tooth defect points to a deflect in relational skill which casts grave doubt on the value of your message.

What I know for sure is that I should never stand up in public to express views on politics and human nature without asking my wife to check that the shirt is tucked in, grease spots are not present, and the spinach has been removed.  Politicians and public speakers take note.

(My wife vetted this posting with one comment: "That's disgusting!"  
Thinking the text erred, I asked for an explanation.
"The spinach", she replied.)

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