Monday, 12 August 2013

Small c Conservative Educational Reform: Read to your kids

Altering the Department of Education, Teacher values and a body of Provincial law is the hard way to bring about change.  The easy way is to start at home as individuals.

Detecting woozles
Dad gave me Winnie the Pooh for my fourth birthday and that night started reading to his little Bozo.   For eleven years he read aloud every night he was home until his accidental death.  The books progressed from childish to adult and I learned what English should sound like, how it should be constructed and am to this day reading with enormous appetite anything worthwhile I can get my hands on.   Reading to your kids sets in motion a lifelong interest in finding out things and knowing how to use language.  It's more than all but the very best teachers can hope to accomplish.    This is more basic than "Home Schooling" as a movement:  One-on-one learning from the most important figures in your life.

Phonetics too.  Aged only four, I was floundering in Grade One, unable to figure how other kids could look at the marks under a picture of a Robin and know it was "robin". This same Dad spent an hour three nights in a row teaching me how to read phonetically.  That was it.  I went from the dummy to a top reader in one week.  There are many young people in high school who never get that far.  Three useful hours from someone who cares about you weigh more in the balance than a dozen years of school.

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