Friday, 23 August 2013

The Internet is a force multiplier.

A force multiplier is a weapon.  The nerdy crook in his mom and dad's basement can pull off the heist of the century.  The do-it-yourself terrorist can sabotage BC Hydro or take out the TSX for a day.  Some guy in pyjamas with a blog will knock a seated president from his glory.  Nasty little guys get the multiplier and it's cheap.  Big players get it too, including mobsters, national governments, spy agencies and mercenaries.

I love the internet but it's not my friend.
My privacy will be trashed and hacked, politicians and salesmen will micromanage their assaults as they track card swipes and my keystrokes.  Enemies of my country will destroy chunks of infrastructure and weapons of defence.

Against this will be cheaply multiplied strength for Joe Blow and our communities. We also will be swifter to counter, abler to prevail.

Update:  People are pretending you have privacy.
VISA and the Government and Facebook already own your data.

The internet is not your friend nor your enemy. It just is what it is and what it will be.

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