Friday, 2 August 2013

Zero Avenue

There's a little known road down the border of two great tribes, the Canadians and the Americans.  A bit of ditch and occasional cameras are the only marker between them on this stretch between Abbotsford and Surrey BC.  The pictures will remind you the border is firstly in tribespeople's heads and only then mapped on the ground.  
     (The first picture has the 0 Avenue signpost with a US-Canada border monument visible just to the right.  The fellow bent over in the blue shirt is at home in America. There is no fence.)

Zero Avenue at 240th St.
Do you want that letter to the US to go airmail or ground mail?  It's the difference between placing it in front of your feet or giving it a little toss. If you put your hand to the back of yourmail slot, you may have to go through customs.  Frankly, it looks like the mail box may be across the border!

When I look at the raspberries and blueberries and corn and grapes, tended and harvested the same way by the same sort of people on both sides of this paved lane, I want to know why such a line exists somewhere between every tribe on earth.

In the third picture, a Washington pickup is driving by. In the background is a raspberry cane shaker that straddles the row of canes.  Ride-along workers put the berries in boxes.

MORE?  See my photo of the only private bridge between the United States and Canada.

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