Saturday, 7 September 2013

Anti-War Celebs Kidnapped

Kidnapped or just hypocrites.
Buzz Feed compassionately hopes they are still alive and asks if possible for a photo to include a newspaper headined Syria.  Springsteen, Sheen, Crow, Clooney, Penn, Robbins, Asner, Browne, Garofalo, Young, Lange, Sarandon and Barbara S, are you all right!   Nothing heard since 2009.   Praying for good news.
We're tribal.  "Our kind of guy" almost always trumps principle, so don't be surprised. One cure is to put honour above expediency.  This is a lo-cost, bureaucrat-lite remedy.

Buzz Feed recently interviewed Medea Benjamin of Code Pink.  They are a little low on office supplies and volunteers.  But at least Medea hasn't been voting present personally.
“Even Code Pink, which had 300 local groups, just has a tiny portion still functioning,” Benjamin said. “So when something like this happens, we don’t have the infrastructure to rally people.”

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