Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bad Katrina Cops Played the System? Or Out of Control DOJ as the back story says?

The fix wasn't in when the case against mis-behaving New Orleans cops was tossed out yesterday.  Dirty tricks by the prosecuting DOJ was the reason.   Holder's Justice Department has become a favourites-boosting arm of the Democratic party, rotting to the core.  In this case, DOJ lawyer, Karla Dobinski wanted more trial publicity against the cops and she got it.  She wrote her own stuff and slipped it anonymously into the comment section of the regional newspapers to reflect the views of the DOJ Civil Rights Division.  It freaked the judge out.

I could stomach this if it was the exception.  Under Holder, this has become the rule, as Christian Adams, whistle-blower and former senior lawyer in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ has documented.        How does perjury sound? And firing people for treating white and black citizens the same?  Defending Black Panther's with clubs outside a polling booth? 

Photo on right: Dobinksi with nice smile but inexcusable partisan ploys.


  1. And again no one will go to jail.

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