Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Climate change: Did I forget to mention soot?

Yet another overlooked factor is soot.  Soot in the air blackens glaciers but blocks sunlight.  The European industrial revolution saw temperatures drop and glaciers retreat at the same time.  Now it's happening over the Himalayas thanks to India and China.  This isn't carbon dioxide, just simple specks of black carbon.  Link to WattsUpWithThat
Particles of black carbon in the ar.
IPCC drastically understates the warming potential of soot. (2007)
Remedies for soot are cheaper than carbon dioxide abatement and scarcely empower bureaucrats or UN panjandrums.

Other under-reported factors:
All forms of smog.
Cosmic radiation which generates upper atmosphere particulates which in turn tirggers cloud formation.
False readings from instruments close to expanding cities and pavement.
Long term oscillations of solar radiation.
Desertification that exposes bare dry land to the sun.

Reportage reaching new lows
Did you notice climate change press reports have dropped precipitously?  That's what people do when they make fools of themselves and then pretend they didn't.

I don't want to hear about that any more.

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