Saturday, 7 September 2013

"Collapse of American Influence Recalls Dis-Integration of Soviet Union" - Conrad Black

"The Soviet Union crumbled jurisdictionally....The cataclysmic decline of France, of course, was the result of being overrun by Nazi Germany....What we are witnessing now in the United States ... is ... the backwash of inept policy-making in Washington, and nothing that could not eventually be put right. But for this administration to redeem its credibility ... would ... be the national equivalent of the comeback of Lazarus: a miraculous revolution in the condition of an individual (President Obama), and a comparable metamorphosis (or a comprehensive replacement) of the astonishingly implausible claque around him."
"What is more worrisome than the fact that the United States has an inadequate president, is that the public still accords the incumbent a significant degree of support".

The original in the National Post includes some tongue-in-cheek suggestions that Canada pick up a couple aircraft carriers and step up to serve as a leader in the world.

A chain of acknowledgment from  Instapundit to the NY Sun to The National Post to Conrad Black himself.
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