Thursday, 26 September 2013

"Feminism was always about advancing the position of professional women vis-a-vis their working class peers": Glenn Reynolds

Instapundit is succinct and links this:  
"British economist Alison Wolf argues that as the gap between genders has narrowed for the affluent, the gap between rich and poor women has broadened. The former’s professional success is made possible by “the return of the servant classes”—almost uniformly female housekeepers and nannies who free their employers to pull farther ahead. “Until now, all women’s lives, whether rich or poor, have been dominated by the same experiences and pressures,” she writes. “Today, elite and highly educated women have become a class apart."
And from the comments at  Instapundit, a reminder to be rational:
Neither women nor men are a "minority." We are also not competitors or adversaries, but natural partners and collaborators. For men and women to square off against each other is evidence of profound dysfunction.

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