Friday, 13 September 2013

If they just spy on your metadata...

If NSA and friends collect metadata but don't record what you said, that's okay?  Sounds harmless.  Be a Peeping Tom and decide for yourself.    Malte Spitz, a Green party politician, sued Deutsche Telecom to release 35830 data records from one year and published them.  Set the playback speed and watch where he travelled, how he travelled, calls in and out from each location.  You end up knowing a great deal  about Malte.  That NSA wasn't collecting our actual words we now know is a lie but metadata is probably a line that will be used when politicans get around to re-drawing the privacy line to help the administration but please their voters.
The image above shows when Herr Spitz's phone was on line.

Go to the Der Spiegel link and click on any spot in the live version of that timeline.  Set playback speed to 3/4 maximum and the  map-zoom about 1/2 way.   It leaves me with an awkwardly intimate feeling about a political stranger.

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