Sunday, 8 September 2013

If we lose Stephen Harper

If we lose Stephen Harper in 2015 after highlighting his blemishes, and we acquire Justin Trudeau after spinning his boyish grin, we will still have the government we deserve.   (Poll summary from Globe and Mail)

Reaching out to China?
In the States, usually half the people think Obama the Feckless is a fine fellow. Canadians are just as willing to vote for a smile and a free-prize-in-the-cracker-jacks as anyone else. When a majority of Canadians see sense in economic freedom and are averse to crony government and crony business, there won't be a problem finding top cabinet ministers and putting in another good prime minister.

As said better by others:  Economic freedom means secure property rights, impartial rule of law, freedom to trade, a currency that keeps its value and government that stays small relative to the size of your economy.

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