Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ottawa needs more blogs and opinionated comment

Politicians are entertainers and play to their audience.  When a majority disagree with them, it's time for a new tune. Last night I was in the audience at Deep Cove Folk. When they liked the Scottish lassie's fiddle tune, feet were tapping the floor, urging her on.  Zach Stevenson and his Dad had it easy with the audience singing along every time they picked a crowd-pleaser.

Outsiders waiting their turn
The more citizens ask for a payday, the more politicians must make an effort to accommodate those wishes to cash in for their own payday. The fewer voices clamouring for influence that the leader hears, the more despotic the government. An outcome reconciling many views produces better government.    Money is spent more wisely or not at all when you have to persuade many groups to shut up instead of greasing the palms of a few insiders only.    The more who clamour for a seat at the feast of tax dollars (other people's money) the smaller the bag of loot goes to any one player.  At some point, this results in honest government.
Bring it on!  More bloggers, more comments on the internet. (This used to be called "letters to the editor".)

"Hypocrisy" is in my blog header because a good plan, like a free market, embraces self-interest.

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