Sunday, 29 September 2013

Paradigm shift: A pauper may poke a prince

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.  Now everyone can own one and carry it on their person too.  Politicians who once campaigned for a chicken in every pot for Sunday dinner aren't going to like ten million Canadian publishers capable of out-campaigning Ottawa and the national parties.  Instead of three letters to the editor, there can be three hundred reader postings in the comments section and all but the most seditious are seen.  We're a dozen years into this new world and "it doth not yet appear what we shall be".  While November I take note of my birthday, every May I note the anniversary of my first smartphone.  This is year six and we'll go out for dinner.
The seas shall rise - IPCC

I'm seeing a paradigm shift.  The revered are losing their magic.  Formerly reliable newspapers put in sly digs about the new IPCC concensus report.  Americans who loved Obama are rationing their love, cutting back on their respect for the IRS and thinking the unthinkable about the Affordable Care Act.  Bad behaviour by Canadian senators and MP's gets into the news through back channels from people like you, the reader.

The ocean shall fall - Obama

This is bigger than a swing away from the Democrats (and Republicans too) in the US.  It's bigger than skepticism about humans playing a significant role managing climate change.  It's a move more in the direction of "The Sovereign Individual" as described by Rees-Moog and Davidson.  Groups and individuals can cheaply form common cause in weeks or even hours to modify and re-direct a nation's plans.

Though the trend is unstoppable, don't be sanguine.  Those losing power will rally to slow and co-opt the trend and it won't just be Iran and China.

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