Monday, 9 September 2013

Teacher certification and pay don't care if students are successful.

In every province, teachers get hired for having college credits and passing a background check that they are a "fit and proper person" as Alberta puts it. Thereafter their pay goes up as they add credits and add years. Where is the student in this?  Why aren't tests of student learning the track to better pay? There are good teachers everywhere but what evidence that college and promotion produced them?

A new report from the Fraser Institute concludes:
“The way teachers are educated, certified, hired, and tenured in Canada should be changed to recognize and reward excellence, while those without the necessary passion and skills should be encouraged to leave the profession.”
The Fraser Institute also recommends we take a look at screening candidates before  they enter teacher colleges for communication skills and core knowledge, something which no province calls for.  This would disqualify weak candidates from becoming teachers and save both them and the students much grief.

Related:  In the US, grade point averages have been improving while students have not.  This is rent-seeking by teacher organizations and not any help to students at all.

Link to the Fraser Institute home page:  ("A free and prosperous world through choice, markets and responsibility")

Related since it is hard to fire teachers: In college, students learn better from professors without tenure.

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