Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dying well is like painting a good picture.

From 7-Steps to a Successful Painting, Brian Simons advises:
Do not finish the painting but find a good place to stop.
"Resist the temptation to fix everything"

This is good advice for life too.
For some few who die young at the peak of their gifts, death arrives at the top rung of a ladder.
Salvation Army officers call death a promotion to glory. Mormons who have gone the married-for-time-and-eternity route, have the prospect of being gods and goddesses on planets somewhere.
For most of us, life fills out and then subsides. It behooves us to look for a good spot to end our days, in the company of friends, with a viewpoint
and should fortune smile, a spouse beloved.
It also helps, as Brian says, to resist the temptation to fix everything.

As a young man, I drew "where I am at" pictures with a left-to-right time arrow pointing to goals off the page somewhere to the right.  Now I start my plan in the middle of a page with To-Do excursions towards the edge and back.

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