Saturday, 26 October 2013

EU Deal: Surprise good news mostly wasted for Tories. Amended.

EIs PM Harper, Canada's best ever prime minister, too busy governing to talk to us?  How did Canada's biggest ever trade coup, four years in the planning, hit the media like a comet appearing in the sky?  Why wasn't a freer trade deal with the EU in the 2011 Conservative platform.   "Europe" or the "EU" isn't even mentioned in it.  

I would have trumpeted this since at least the 2011 election.  The public should have been hearing about progress, primed for Canadian gains in the lead up to PM Harper's October 18th announcement.     They say Justice should not only be done, it must be seen to be done.  The same goes for good politics.

(I am wrong. Europe is mentioned down at page 11 in hyphens that my search command missed.  See comments ).

Surprise   good news is mostly wasted.   Itex's like several years with no "I love you" for my sweetheart, then knocking on her door unannounced with a diamond ring and wanting a "YES".  Canada will gain by the agreement but unless we are lucky, the Conservatives will get just a peck on the cheek while young Trudeau gets a big one planted smack on the lips by the Canadian electorate.   A guy who leads from behind takes over from the man who often leads out front.   Good Lord, preserve us!

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