Thursday, 17 October 2013

"No one should underestimate Justin"

Brian Mulroney's appraisal should be taken to heart.  Before the Liberal convention he put it this way:
Brian Mulroney
“Anybody who … treats Justin Trudeau with scorn or derision or underestimates him, does so at his own peril.”   “We’ll see what happens in the future; it’s a long way from here to there. But no one should underestimate Justin. He’s a man of some consequence.”

Calling Justin "Silky Pony" comes under the heading of "scorn or derision" although I have regrettably used that phrase too.   Here are three reasons:

1.   Mocking opposition instead of inspiring with our own vision is bankrupt. (When our Prime Minister skipped having a Throne Speech and went for twiddling knobs on the opposition's wish list, he missed the chance to inspire renewed support for a Conservative standard raised high. The low tariff deal with the EU is inspirational but has already slipped into place without a popular message.)
2.   "There’s a lot of steel" in Justin says Mulroney, who has first hand experience knowing both Justin and Pierre.  He added in a October 2012 CTV interview:  “I was an opponent of his dad who was a tough, able guy.  The apple, I’m sure, doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  ...  People should not underestimate him in any way".
3.    A lot of people in the Canadian electorate are comfortable with Justin's personality which seems more like their own than Stephen Harper's.  They can be low information voters or cradle socialists but they are also voters and will have their say.   The winds of democracy favour the popular over the wise or the prudent.

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