Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tea party members know more science than non-Tea Partiers. Professor shocked.

Yale professor, Dan Kahan, surveyed 2000 people and is honest about the results as Politico reports.  Instead of being lower in scientific knowledge than average, Tea Partiers had better science comprehension.  He notes that his news generally comes from the NYT and Huffington Post and knows no one associated with the Tea Party.  This is called living in a bubble.    I admire him for being frank.

The details of his original post are less controversial.  More education correlates clearly with a better grasp of science.  Party affiliation very slightly favours the Democrats and people who emphasize their faith are a tiny bit less informed of science on average.  The positive Tea Party correlation is small but significant.

I think this all sets the bar far too low.   Take the PEW thirteen multiple choice science knowledge quiz and see for yourself.   The stats for the population at large (which you can see after doing the short test) shocked me.  The questions are not hard.

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