Friday, 11 October 2013

Throw the bums out Canadian style.

Drudge headlines "Throw The Bums Out".   Most Americans doubt a third party will rise or even help.  The Canadian way with the Reform and Conservative parties shows it can work.  Re-cast instead of suppress.  Stalled regional Reformers came up with a United Alternative which  joined some of the Conservatives who were struggling with Joe Clark's indecisive progressive style to form The Canadian Alliance.   Soon after the Progressive Conservatives and the Alliance, with an eye for opportunity, disbanded to form the Conservative Party of Canada. They went on to power and are still in power.  Most of the action happened over three election cycles.  The same sense of ferment is present in the United States with Obamacare in shambles, 17% of the government shut down, politicians calling their colleagues terrorists, the (under-reported) rise of gangs in American cities, and much loss of middle class wealth, notably from black Americans.

Sadly, identifying successfully and then throwing the bums out, is no cure-all.  It will trigger accelerated change however.  The changes will include some massive positive adjustment so fewer citizens feel completely outside the loop.   The disenfranchised includes lots of LIV (Low information voters) and some will become better informed but more will drift to a new LIV accommodation.

The "bums" are mostly talented people on the public stage who could do well representing their constituents but have settled into representing themselves and their entrenched friends.  I'd rather they be better hypocrites who see their self-interest in changing who they represent.

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