Monday, 18 November 2013

Archie Bunker for Mayor

"I will be Good"
Obama got in twice.  Ford may do the same.  Voters imagine some ideal guy in their head and hope the candidate on the stump will fit the hat.  At least no one thinks Robert Ford is god like!   Democracy is always somewhat at the pleasure of the crowd.

I love my gal and have these ridiculous thoughts that she’s perfect, she’s so beautiful, and so on. Ain't logical but it creates a foyer of collaboration and companionship.

Politicians may deserve adulation less than our spouses, but in bad times, crowds offer this gift of power 
to a candidate.  There’s no need for such excess when we have good government.  When insiders conspire to stifle the common man’s common sense in city hall and legislatures,  expect the startling elevation of outsiders with mass followings.  It’s a feature not a bug and doesn't depend on the greatness of the candidate. It rises from the unrecognized judgements of the voters.  A party that doesn't reflect those judgements has so many planks missing from its platform that no one can safely stand there.

A crowd is wrong as often as an individual but must be heard.
And that is why you can run for councilor of Don Valley East or vie for mayor of Toronto. And but for a few basic qualifications, none may deny you.

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