Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Collectivization of health care USA. Remember what collectivization did for the Ukraine.

Millions died in the Ukraine when government made it illegal for people to grow their own food and forced them into collective farms without checking to see if collectives actually worked and would feed people. The Obamacare train wreck isn't in the same league for hardship but it's the same principle.
Ukraine 1932. Same principle but a  richer country.

"In North Dakota, WDAY-TV reported that only 30 people have signed up for coverage on the new federally run exchange. But some 35,000 people will lose their existing policies". (Chicago Tribune editorial). 
"Thanks to rules and regulations built into the law, millions of Americans have already had their existing individual-market insurance cancelled, and estimates say that millions more cancellations are on the way. The end result could be that many people—thousands, perhaps even millions—end up with their current private insurance plans terminated due to the law, but no way to sign up for new coverage".  (Reason)

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