Saturday, 30 November 2013

Conservative and Liberal voices are still mostly irrelevant.

You can pretend the conservative voice is louder by getting easy access to inconsequential sites that mirror your views.  You know that more will be available each year because a swelling population of grey-haired people have families, grandchildren, homes and neighbourhoods they want to hang onto and hence are more conservative.   For now, politics has been voted mostly irrelevant by Canada's webizens.

This fall MSNBC and CNN viewer stats have plunged 45%.  See Alexa's graphic ranking American conservative sites against total US traffic.  That could be a plus.   On the other hand, Fox was down 21% too.                                                                                                                                        

Canada has a story too. has an alexa traffic rank about ten times that of bloggingtories alexa rank but in the bigger picture of all sites in Canada,  Rabble and Blogging Tories are hobby nooks for the dedicated. Go to the link and browse the first couple hundred popular sites in Canada.  Google is at the top, the BBC is more popular than almost any Canadian paper, Fulltiltpoker (#225)beats the Financial Post (#226).  Politics is not the top interest, not anywhere near the top interest for Canadians and anything either left or right is hard to find.  This tells me that a successful party must appeal to people with more important things to do. You don't wean them from the other team,  you draw them from the otherwise engaged.
Otherwise engaged.

(If you want to keep going, here are the US rankings.  Google, facebook, YouTube are the top interests.)
Footnote:  The Liberal party web site  (2800 in Canada) and the Conservative web site (14,000 in Canada).  The NDP party  (15000 in Canada).  The Green Party  (11000 in Canada).  Obviously site traffic is different from votes.  Why do the sites have different levels of engagement?

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