Friday, 15 November 2013

"Enough to eat at home". Ford flutters agony aunts.

Though appalled by Ford's bad behaviour,  I prefer a plain-spoken man to the pussy-footing agony aunt brigades.  Call me part of Ford Nation.  The other nation writes p...y and points fingers.

Though Rob Ford is heading for the exits,  Toronto council looks lawless, trying to undo the last mayoral election.  They'll regret shrinking the mayor's office for short term advantage. The same thing just happened in Annapolis MD.  A Republican mayor was elected for the first time in ages and, within two days, a pure laine Democratic council moved to strip the mayor's office of its power.

HR gets hundreds of applications for mid-level jobs but there is always room at the top.  The leader is tasked with breaking trail,  coordinating talents, directing attention to goals that motivate and articulating those goals well,  helping the group sustain and renew itself.  These skills are hard come by and not for the p...y-mouthed.

"He used the P-word in a very derogatory way," Minnan-Wong said.
HIRE CHARACTER TEACH SKILLS is the best business advice I ever received.  This applies to choosing mayors.  Part of Rob Ford's character is diamond and for that he is hated.  Part is straw and with that he is beaten.

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