Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kathy Shaidle: I want Ford to run again. Landslide win will explode socialist heads.

"Like so many Torontonians, I dearly hope Rob Ford gets help for the addictions and dependencies that will kill him if left untreated much longer.
My reasons are selfish:
I want him to run again next year and get re-elected in an even bigger landslide than the one before.
I love the sound of hundreds of socialist heads exploding at dusk as the returns come in.
It will sound like… victory".  (Kathy Shaidle)

The media story\
you probably saw.

Remembrance Day, the media reported that one veteran made a public point of not shaking Rob Ford's hand as in this National Post headline:  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford booed at Remembrance Day ceremony, veteran calls him ‘a druggie’  

For contrast and probably for the truth, read eyewitness "Canadian Cincinnatus"'s report:
His speech was well received  (emphasis added) by those in the crowd, but a really interesting thing happened after he laid his wreath. The way things were set up, the main dignitaries sat to the left of the Cenotaph, and the old war veterans sat directly to the right (these would be the people this ceremony honours).  ......  After Ford had laid his wreath, and was about to walk past the veterans, they waved him over. When he got there, many of them wanted to shake his hand. Some of them wanted to have their picture taken with him.    He was the only dignitary the assembled veterans showed any interest in. All the others – Karen Stintz, Denzil Minnan-Wong and an angry-looking Thomas Mulcair - elicited no reaction at all when they walked past the old soldiers.

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