Friday, 15 November 2013

Obama's skill set: Making pronouncements about stuff.

Mary Katherine Hamm at Hot Air wields a scalpel well, calling Obama's distinguishing mark "Ignorant Omniscience":

"He knows everything. And yet he seems to know nothing. He’s passionate about the details of domestic policy but wasn’t privy to the details of his own legacy law. He’s an academic with a command of every issue at once but seemingly only finds out what his administration is doing in news reports. He’s so brilliant every normal endeavor he’s tried has bored him, but he couldn’t bother to entertain himself with more than one monthly meeting on the make-or-break program of his presidency.
The animating feature of Obama’s leadership style is simply making pronouncements. Making them about things he knows, things he knows not, and waiting for everyone and everything to fall in line. And, when things don’t magically come together, he pronounces his disappointment and anger".

It's worth reading the original with documentation.

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