Saturday, 23 November 2013

Press turns fart into atomic bomb

The press makes a stink about two senators who took the kings coin and deserted their ranks.  As a bonus, they diminish the stature of one of Canada’s best ever prime ministers heading a party they have everywhere and at all times  posted and voted against.

This comic selection from McManus fits:     “During a campus uprising, the students demanded that the college administration do away with Poverty, War and Mashed Turnips in the Commissary, although not necessarily in that order”.   Duffy and Wallin are the Turnips in this story, offending the press gallery’s taste by accepting honours from a conservative PM.   It's personal.

The biggest stink was that Duffy, while living mostly in Ottawa, claimed tax savings as if he were mostly living in his home on PEI, and had spent the savings.  Bad of him, but the press has turned that fart into an atomic bomb.  To an outsider, the RCMP seems to be in a CYA operation to avoid bad press about being a do-nothing establishment outfit.

Gentle reader, let us not forget that we’ve been in a stream of traffic at 108 km/hr in a 100 zone, and collected  a couple hundred in cash at a garage sale but didn’t list it on the T1, and so on, like most good Canadians.

Some executive housekeeping, not a national outrage, is in order: "The rules are meant to be followed and claimed expenses in both houses will be publicly posted at regular timely intervals".  

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