Saturday, 2 November 2013

Slow TV catches on fast in Norway

Nine hours of knitting!   Most of Norway tuning in.
Why didn't I think of that?   NRK2 started with knitting knowhow, brought in a live sheep to shear.  Seven spinners and knitters will team spin their own thread and aim to enter the Guinness world records for knitting a large men's sweater sweater in less than 4 hours 51 minutes.   The action part is continuous camera, not jumping around.  (The show started airing November 1st and I don't see any after reports yet.)  h/t Drudge.

The last slow TV was a coastal cruise of Norway.  60% of the population, including the Queen of Norway,  tuned in, according to the linked article.   Before that was a special on firewood cutting and stacking it with advice on how best to do that and whether bark should be up or down.  Other hits:  Opening night of the salmon fishing season, Train ride from Bergen to Oslo.

I'm in.  Most shows have too much editing for my taste.  Show me
an all day high definition trip around the earth, filmed from the space shuttle, passing over my corner of Canada every ninety minutes.  I would buy a 48" display screen for the living room and leave on the Earth Revolving day and night.

There's some nice little bits of space video out there but I'm greedy for the whole thing.

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