Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Ultimate Stink Pink - UPDATES

Stink pinks are rhyming riddles.  The clue doesn't need to rhyme but the answer does.  Trickier is a rhyming clue with a rhyming answer.    For forty years I've been looking for the ultimate Stink Pink where the clue is a homonym and the answer is a homonym.
With my son, Damien's help, we have two near perfect SP's to offer the world.

                                                                          Tight Tights?    
                                                                                    Close Clothes.

Possibly NSFW:
Ho's hose = Booty bootie.
A jumper

Jumper jumper?
Hare hair.

Not making the cut:
Panel panel = Board board.
The meanings are different but the derivation the same.

Technically a pass but somehow unsatisfying:
Well well?
Whole hole.

UPDATE March 2015:
First a pair whose connection is a bit obscure but whose rhyme is sweet:
"Rain Reign"  would be a "Grade-A grey day".
And (drum roll), I woke from a dream this week with a perfect stink pink:
To "sight a site" is to "spot a spot" and to "see a scene".
(My son gave came up with the third part..)
UPDATE May 2015
Speaking of the top lion:  Main Mane or Pride Pride.

Contributions welcome.  I'll add them to the post.

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